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Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Learn forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is sticking, falling down
Love forever love is free
Let’s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

No i'm face to face with you, lady loneliness
SPITFIRE: Hello you again
LONELINESS: nice to see you again
S: why are you here?
L: you called for me, don't you remember?
S: no, you're wrong... I haven't asked for you in a long time, you're the one that always insists to come
L: Ah right, so nobody wants me
S: who could want to be alone?
L: a hermit maybe?
S: no, i know what are you talking about, but in that case is different, i'll try to find my mind! i lost it long ago!
L: lost it? how' why?
S: womens, Mrs. womens... My Doom, my life. They Can't look at me, i can't live without them
L: So once again tell me something that i can't understand... What is the difference of the loneliness of a hermit and where you are now?
S: I was a total prick. I felt in love. i was afraid to lose everything for what i felt once again... This was real! Shit, i'm broke, i'm on the pit, i love her more than anything! i was just like a zero, she ignored me, i was selfish and never asked what she felt. Now i think that i know, but it's late, i'm on the outside.
L: Where you are now you can't even imagine how the bottom will be like.
S: Can't be worst than this.
L: Could be man, could be...
S: What shall i do?
L: Get away, run and never think about her again, save yourself!
S: I can't, she's most important for me.
L: So you don't want to learn? you want to go again and have a broken heart?
S: It doesn't matter to me, you could be here everytime, i could fall another hundred times, but i will stand again. After all, i still believe in love.
L: Just incredible... You don't seem to realize what you're doing.
S: The only thing i understand is what i feel.
L: You don't want to be with me anymore?
S: Now you're a fine company. I'm not alone, but i'm sick.
L: The irony of it all.
S: Sure.
L: What do you get of all you have done?
S: I just have a hope taht she'll be alright without me

I'm unclean, a libertine
And every time you vent your spleen,
I seem to lose the power of speech,
Your slipping slowly from my reach.
You grow me like an evergreen,
You never see the lonely me at all

Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing

L: A spider crawls on the wall, do you feel anything in common?
S: Not really, what could it be?
L: Both are searching for something, both want a reward, Both could die trying it. As simple as i crush her like this **
S: I don't care. You know what really counts for me.
L: Right, once more with feelings?
S: If it were not feelings, why would i care?
L: Noble. Yet indomitable.
S: Not indomitable. I'm screwed up, i feel like shit in this moment, but i have just a hope...
L: What is it?
S: That what i'm doing is the right thing.
L: It is up to you to judge if it is right. She'll judge afterwards.
S: Right. I think that both of us need to breathe, i need to gather some forces and put all my cards in the table. use it or lose it.
L: Great. Now you're as naive as always?
S: Could be. What shall i do then?
L: Don't you fear me?
S: Quite a lot. As i fear the love, as i fear to be disappointed, and to have my heart broke again
L: So why keep trying?
S: I have to face my fears. I'll learn. I'll grow.
L: Fool.
S: Foolishness is a bless.
L: That's what they say.
S: And that's how it is.
L: Why are you so secure about that?
S: Ignore what you're facing, and you'll have surprises. Also, as you should know, God takes care about the madmen, the drunk men, and the dumb men.
L: Well, it could be right...
S: it is it.
L: Yeah, sure.
S: Will my effort have a reward?
L: I don't know, i'm the loneliness, not the future.

Remember all the times that we used to play
You were lost and i would save you
I don't think those feeling will ever fade
You born a part of me

Won't you cure my tragedy
Won't you cure my tragedy
Don't take her smile away from me
She's broken and I'm far away

Cold - Cure my tragedy

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Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Dust Brothers - This is your life
Prodigy - action radar
Deftones - RX Queen
Heroes del Silencio - Entre Dos Tierras
Smashing Pumpkins - The everlasting Gaze
Kasabian - Clubfoot
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Prodigy - More Girls
Cold - Suffocate
rage Against the machine - Renegades of Funk
Nine Inch Nails - the hand that feeds
Jane's Addiction - True Nature

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